FARO BELÉN is a low population density project with only 1% of the housing area (1 house per 5 hectares) and 85% of the natural reserve area. The project respects the particular characteristics of the place, seeks the pursuit of sustainable development with the appropriate and rational use of ecosystems and applies environmentally appropriate techniques based on the analysis of geologists, biologists and ecologists to achieve harmonious interrelations with the environment.
Participated in the studies of Environmental Consultancy Coprogetti (Mariciel Giaccardi – Federico Paoletti); The Water Feasibility Study was conducted by Lic. Gustavo M. Olivares and Ing. Patricia V. Fernández; And, the Geological Survey was in charge of the geologist Dr. Pablo Tchilinguirian.
Along a circular path you can cross the farm bordering the chain of dunes and linking in the interior the plots type farm that, in turn, with an extensive reserve area.
Perpendicularly, cutting this way, Patagonia Avenue, a central line around which the complementary areas like home from home, barn maintenance, parking, SUM future and are located dormies arises. The circular path out paths which give access to the pockets (areas surrounded by a chain deflation of dunes naturally set) where as many lots are located. Most of them with spectacular sea views.
The first stage (69 lots) has been approved by all relevant bodies in the Province of Rio Black and approval and registration in Cadastral subdivision plans. The project is approved under the legal regime Parcellary Consortium and has IMMEDIATE DEED.
Bethlehem has a lighthouse architectural, urban and environmental regulations aimed at preserving the environment, the enjoyment of the owners and a comfortable living for everyone.