The Route of the Cliffs, is a route by the Provincial Route Nº1, that borders the coast rionegrino and connects the Provincial Capital with the Port of San Antonio Este. Along the way, nature provides different natural settings and activities.
At 30km from Viedma is El Cóndor, a seaside resort with tourist infrastructure, main service center of the route. There is a surf school, windsurfing, paragliding, kite surfing and kitesurfing. Continuing 30 km more you will come to La Lobería, a small town with beautiful cliff beaches. At 3km from there, you can reach the Punta Bermeja Wildlife Reserve, the largest colony of sea lions in South America. Continuing along the route, there are Bahía Rosas and Bajada Echandi known for shark fishing from the coast thanks to its deep waters.
Further on you will reach FARO BELÉN where the second colony of wolves is located and a lighthouse-lookout in high altitude to observe the sea and the steppe from above. Continuing east 10 km is Creek Bay, between dunes and cliffs, an indescribable place for bathers for its spectacular beaches. Later, the road returns to sea level with a group of large dunes and dunes that will lead to Caleta de los Loros, Provincial Natural Reserve of multiple uses. Next to culminate the route we find Punta Mejillón, beach of fine sands and crystalline waters. Later, the zone of conchillas, kilometers of white beaches, with warm and transparent water, is reached. And finally, San Antonio East, natural deepwater port, export area of ​​agricultural-livestock production of the area.